AUG 12, 2014

What everyone ought to know about slimline roof lanterns

They’re slimmer, trimmer and cascade light into your home, what else do you know about slimline roof lanterns though?

We think the VISION-SLIMLINE roof lanterns are some of the best-looking roof systems on the market today, we’re not biased, just honest and love the look of our slimmer lantern options.

Take a look at our lanterns page or the image below if you don’t believe us, we’re sure you’ll agree, the new slimline look is sexier than ever - our lantern solutions are in a total class of their own.

What are the real advantages of a Slimline Roof Lantern though, and why would you consider installing this type of feature within your dwelling?

Our next post is an in-depth look at roof lanterns and it focuses on the slimline variety, less is more this year for the following reasons...

  • Our glazing bars are only 40mm thick
  • We install the UK’s most thermally efficient aluminium roof system
  • It’s also the UK’s strongest system
  • The design is minimalist and modern
  • Our lanterns have Visi-Therm double or triple glazed argon filled toughened glass units
  • Solar control is fitted as standard
  • Low-E energy saving glass keeps your home warmer
  • Powder coating in a range of RAL colours
  • Choice of roof pitches
  • Options on openings
  • Bespoke sizes made to measure
  • Stock sizes ready to ship
  • Conveniently delivered in flat packed form

Let’s look at some of these features in greater detail...

40mm glazing bars

Standard ranges of roof lanterns thrown a fair amount of light into your home but the glazing bars are chunky to say the least. Our slimline 40mm bars make the most of the glazing, it’s a case of less bar and more glass which greatly improves the light quality within your home.

Don’t worry though. The bars are high strength so they’re tough but discreet, just what you want from a roof lantern.

Thermal efficiency

Roof lanterns are stylish and affordable features, especially when they are ordered through a quality company like Vision Roof Lights. Some aluminium systems lack in thermal efficiency though, they lack energy-efficiency.

Our slimline lanterns are extremely thermal efficient, they’re made from aluminium materials that help to keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter as well.

Strength of system

One of the strongest features of our slimline roof lanterns is the strength of the system. It’s the UK’s strongest and we’re pretty proud of that fact, it’ll last for years and be a real asset to your home.    

Minimal yet modern

The system might be strong but it’s ever so subtle too, we style our roof lanterns on minimalism, they’re unobtrusive but look modern and trendy, it’s no wonder they look so good on a range of properties.

Don’t worry about chills through the winter when you install slimline lanterns, they are fitted with double or triple glazed argon filled toughened glass which makes them wonderfully warm throughout the colder snaps.

Plus they’re cooler in the summer. There’s a solar control layer that blocks out 82.4% of harmful UV rays, this is energy saving glass which keeps your home cool on sunny days and helps to trap heat on the coldest of days.   

The options are limitless

Customers of Vision Roof Lights are given endless options when they select slimline roof lanterns. Not only can they choose the roof pitch (standard 25 degrees, can be set anywhere between 15 – 40) they can also request manual or electric roof vent openings, choose standard sizes (delivered in 5 days) or ask for made to measure versions ready for delivery within 3 – 5 weeks.   

Plus the lanterns are delivered in flat pack form or you can request installation from Vision if you prefer to make life a little easier.

Want to know more about VISION-SLIMLINE roof lanterns? Call Vision and we’ll add a little light into your life!   


Created on 12th August 2014
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