AUG 5, 2014

The importance of good building ventilation

Opening rooflights can be used as an effective form of ventilation to keep fresh air circulating your property. 


Good ventilation is extremely important for anyone looking for a clean, comfortable and healthy living or working environment.


Here are just a few reasons that you should invest in opening rooflights to ventilate your property.


Removes bad smells

Without proper ventilation stale, stuffy air and bad smells can become trapped inside buildings.  It’s important to ensure that your property is well ventilated in order to remove bad smells such as cooking odours in the kitchen.


Removes pollutants and potentially dangerous gases

Without adequate ventilation, pollutants and dangerous gases that enter your home will stay inside and can be damaging for you and your family’s health.  Pollutants from outside can trigger and aggravate health conditions such as asthma so it’s important to ventilate your building properly to keep the air inside fresh.


Eliminates excess moisture to protect your home

If there is a lot of excess moisture in your home then it probably isn’t well enough ventilated.  Excess moisture including condensation on windows, damp walls and ceilings can cause mould and mildew to appear in your home.  Dampness and mould can damage your home, furniture, carpeting and electronic equipment, making it a costly problem.


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Created on 5th August 2014
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