APR 24, 2014

The GPS powered skylight keeping your home bright

It doesn’t matter what type of lightening product you choose, you’re never going to have the complete package. You can try energy-efficient lights, bright lights, full-spectrum lights, but you’ll never be able to bring the sun inside.

There are skylights that direct sunlight into your home through the roof of the building. But there’s a tradeoff. The effectiveness of light diminishes as the sun moves across the sky, and in winter when it’s at a lower angle you won’t enjoy the same sort of light you would in summer.

There is a solution however. The future of the skylight is on the horizon. Using moveable mirrors inside the skylight that are directed by solar powered GPS, natural light can be brought into the building all day long. This means that home owners can enjoy free lighting, and benefit from the sun’s rays.

So how does it work?

There are three mirrors mounted to a frame that moves, sat underneath a polycarbonate dome. Sunlight is directed through what’s called a diffusion lens into the building. This lens splits the sunlight rather than focusing it on a single point. The solar powered GPS system determines the exact location of the unit in relation to the sun and then angles the mirrors towards it.

The unit’s creators claim that it’ll deliver 300% more sunlight than your average skylight. That means you can save a serious amount of electricity and money. 

But it won’t just take the weight of your bank balance. Studies have shown that natural light can improve human health, increase productivity and boost morale, making the GPS powered skylight perfect for a retail setting too.

So perhaps one day, the light switch will be no more. Instead we’ll rely on our GPS skylights to bring light into our home.

And at the moment, that doesn’t look like such a bad thing...

Created on 24th April 2014
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