APR 24, 2014

Our top tips for creating an energy efficient home

The number one thing on many home owners’ agenda is to cut down on bill costs. And to do this we look at our outgoings. “I haven’t been to the gym in months, so I can get rid of that” “maybe I should eat less to reduce my bills?” and so on...

But you can take one more step to reduce bills – make your home more energy efficient. And despite what many people think, it isn’t hard to do.

Here we’re going to give you a few tips so that you can make your home more energy efficient.

Insulation: It’s said that on average, around 40% of heat lost in the home is through the roof and walls. So to create an energy efficient home, it’s vital that you have effective insulation installed.

With all that heat escaping you’ll find yourself putting your central heating on more often to make up for it.

If you feel that your home is letting more heat out than it’s keeping in, contact a building surveyor to come round and test.

Install a skylight: We’re a nation of light ‘leaver on-ners’. We finish in one room and then move onto the next without bothering to turn off the light. And this is costing serious money.

But how about we remove the need of a light during day time?

Well you can by installing a skylight. So when it’s dark inside, you can brighten it up without using any electricity. Plus, they look great. A complete win, win.

Change your air con filter: One really easy job you can do to save some money is to check your air con filter once a month. If there’s a build up of dirt and debris it’s forcing your air con system to work a lot harder. Which in turn is using more electricity.

So pull out the filter and give it a thorough clean as often as you can.

Use energy efficient appliances: There are appliances on the market that are specifically designed to use less energy. You may have seen some in a local store. Yes, they’re more expensive initially but you’ll make that money back through your savings in no time!

Becoming energy efficient around the home isn’t too hard to do. It just takes a little time and dedication. And when you’ve done it, you’ll reap the rewards! 

Created on 24th April 2014
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