APR 24, 2014

Our quick and simple guide to cleaning skylights

You’ve installed skylights to bring natural light inside. But over time they’ve picked up dirt and debris, and now they’re keeping more light out than they are letting in.

So you need to give them a clean.

Read our simple guide below to turn your filthy skylight into a crystal clear money saver.


The inside of your skylight isn’t likely to get too dirty. But still, it’s worth cleaning it every few months to clear the build up of dust and grease.

  1. First up you’ll want to clear any furniture out from underneath the skylight and lay down some cloth to catch falling debris.
  2. Now you’re set up, bring out the ladder so that you can reach up to the skylight. Make sure you have someone with you to hold the ladder from beneath too.
  3. Clean out the corners of the skylight with a broom or cloth. It’s likely that some cobwebs have started to appear and a build up of dust has accumulated.
  4. Tape a cloth to the end of your broom and spray with a cleaning chemical of your choice.
  5. Wipe the skylight down with your broom (or just a standard rag if you can reach it without the broom).
  6. When you’re done wipe it down with a dry cloth!


This is where your skylight has probably become dirtiest and will need the most thorough clean. It also means you’re going to have make your way up to the roof. Make sure you take the necessary safely precautions.

  1. Grab your ladder again and make your way up to the roof with a bucket of water and soap. Again, make sure you have someone holding the ladder as you make your way up.
  2. If your skylight is flat then use a sponge to wipe down the glass. If it’s a dome, you might need the brush you cobbled together earlier to reach the top.
  3. Then, wash down the skylight with your water and soap and then rinse thoroughly!

And you’re done! It shouldn’t take too long to do and it’ll mean you can enjoy your skylight at its best once more! 

Created on 24th April 2014
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