SEP 13, 2014

Large roof lanterns: Perfect for brightening up a large room


Our range of standard rooflights and pyramid rooflights are perfect for lighting up small to medium-sized rooms, but what about if you have a very large space that you need to let lots of natural light into? 

Don’t worry we’ve got a rooflight for that too! Our range of roof lanterns are extremely efficient at flooding large rooms with natural light, making them perfect for brightening up very big spaces.

At Vision rooflights we work hard to create efficient solutions using advanced technologies and innovative designs.  Our rooflights are all professionally designed and tested to ensure that they are amongst the most efficient roof systems on the market today. 

We want you to choose us because we believe that we can offer you the very best value in products for your money, and our roof lanterns are no exception!

Here are just a few reasons why our roof lanterns are the best on the market:


Designed with style in mind


Our roof lanterns are elegant in design, meaning that once installed they are far more than just a practicality, they are an asset to any room.  You can even choose whether you’d like a contemporary or ornate roof lantern. 

If you would like the frame around your roof lantern to be a particular colour to suit the style of your interior then we can cater for this too.  You could even choose to have two different colours internally and externally.


Made to your bespoke specification

We understand that every room and every customer’s vision is different, and we want to create a roof lantern that meets your requirements exactly.  That’s why our roof lanterns come in a huge variety of different shapes, sizes and styles including double hip, pyramid, mono pitch, double pitch, gable ended, octagonal, hexagonal, and dodecagon. 

No matter what the size or shape of your room we can provide a roof lantern that will fit right in.


Save energy in the winter

Vision roof lanterns have been tested and found to be one of the most thermally efficient roof systems on the market today!  They are made using high strength aluminium and are well insulated to reduce temperature transfer.

Not only is the basic structure of the roof lantern designed to insulate, all roof lanterns also come with Visi-Therm double or triple glazing, making them extra efficient and eco-friendly whilst saving you money on your bills.


Solar control for the summer months

Some rooms that have a lot of windows can become very hot during the summer months, but our roof lanterns have a solar control layer to prevent this from happening.  This special layer on the glass blocks over 82% of harmful UV rays as well as reducing heat gain, allowing you to stay safe and comfortable no matter what the weather.


Optional ventilation


Proper ventilation is very important in the home as it prevents excess moisture building up and causing damage and keeps us feeling happy and healthy.

If you feel like the room that you’re installing your roof lantern in could benefit from ventilation then we can add opening roof vents to your roof lantern.  These are optional and come as either manual or electric.


For further information about our roof lanterns please visit our products page by clicking here.  If you would like to place an order or speak to one of our advisers then give us a call on: 0116 279 1900 and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Created on 13th September 2014
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