AUG 5, 2014

Install rooflights to start saving money on your bills

Rooflights are a fantastic investment as they will keep putting money back into your pocket for years to come.  Here are just a few ways that installing rooflights in your home or workplace will help you to save money on your bills.


Naturally light up rooms

Rooms that were previously dark and dingy will be filled with natural light meaning that there will be less need to flick the light switch on every time you enter.  Even rooms that already benefit from natural light will take longer to get dark meaning further savings on electricity.


Uses sunlight to warm up rooms

When the sun’s rays shine through a skylight it adds a few degrees of heat to the room.  It may only be a tiny bit of heat but even this will make a difference as it means you won’t have to turn your heating on as early or as high as you would without the rooflight.


Prevent heat loss

Because heat rises the roof is the area of a building where the most heat is lost.  Rooflights are made out of materials that have been specifically designed to keep heat in, so installing a rooflight in your home or workplace will help to prevent heat loss and keep the building warmer.



Skylights don’t just save you money in the winter when it’s cold and dark, they save you money in the summer too!  A rooflight can help to improve the natural air ventilation in your home by letting out warm air as it rises.  This then reduces the need to turn on electric fans or air conditioning and so saves you money on power.

Created on 5th August 2014
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