APR 24, 2014

How to make your room appear larger

A small room can sometimes ruing the feel of your home. Everywhere else is spacious and bright, but that one hovel sits in the corner of the house like a dark cave.

So what can you do to make the room look larger?

Well here we’re going to show you!

The colours: There are certain colour combinations that can make a small room feel much, much larger. So if the room is current coated in a lovely shade of grey, it might be time to consider a re-decor job.

Light, bright colours do a great job of reflecting light around a room. Dark colours however, absorb light.

You’re looking to reflect, not absorb. You want it to feel airy and bright.

A skylight: So light is a good way to make a room look larger.

But you can’t keep throwing lamps and other artificial lights in there. They’ll take up space and use a ton of energy. The solution? A skylight! They’re energy efficient, look great and most importantly, the pour natural light into a room making it look and feel big. And if you’ve painted the walls a light colour, that natural light will reflect beautifully.

Mirrors: Another great way to bounce your natural light around the room to make it appear larger is to strategically place mirrors around the room. If there’s one wall that receives a lot of light, hang up a mirror and let that light bounce around the room.

De-clutter: If the room is full to the brim with furniture then it might be time to de-clutter.  A minimalistic space will always look bigger than a room crammed with junk. So make your way through with tape and stick some on everything that can go.

Try and get rid of larger furniture pieces that could block out light.

Add colour: And lastly, splash some colour into the room with plants and accessories. It won’t necessary make it feel bigger but it’ll certainly make it more inviting.

So there you go. That’s how you can make your room look much larger. It isn’t particularly difficult to do and whilst it might cost some money, it’ll add a lot more value to your home!

Created on 24th April 2014
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