AUG 5, 2014

Choosing the right rooflight

So you’ve already decided that you want to start enjoying the numerous benefits of rooflights in your home or workplace.  The next step is choosing a rooflight that is perfect for your property and requirements.


Use this guide to help you to choose a rooflight that is right for your building.



When considering what type of rooflight you would like, the main question you need to ask yourself is do you want your rooflight to open?  Rooflights that open can help to ventilate a room, so you’ll need to decide whether the room you’re installing the rooflight in has adequate ventilation or not.


At Vision Rooflights we also stock a variety of different designs including double hipped contemporary and pyramid rooflights if you’re looking for an option with a bit of character.



Next you need to think about how big you want your skylight to be.  Remember that the size of the rooflight will have an impact on how much light it will let in, how much heat it will produce, and the amount of energy it will save you.



Think about where on your building you would like your rooflight to be installed.  Be sure to take into consideration whether it is a north, west, south or east facing roof as this will affect the amount of light that the rooflight lets in.  Installing a rooflight on a south-facing roof is the best option if you’re looking to gain heat with your rooflight.


For more information about any of our products please get in touch by contacting us on: 0116 279 1900 and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Created on 5th August 2014
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