JUN 18, 2014

5 ways to transform an office

You spend hours upon hours every week in your office, so you need to make sure that it’s somewhere you’re comfortable in.

And that might mean making a few alterations to the room. To help we’ve put together a few tips to help you transform an office into a hub productive activity.

Roof light – If your office is a one floor deal, then we highly suggest installing a roof light. Natural light can work wonders for productivity, and in those summer months, your employees can enjoy the sun without having to book the day off!

Leave room – No one likes to feel cramped into a space while working, so make sure that you leave each employee a little space. There desk should be ample to keep hold of their belongings. If it isn’t they’re going to have trouble remaining productive.

Go green – Plants are one of the best ways to add colour to an office space, and they make the air in there so much fresher. Add a plant at the end of each bank of desks, and in the entrance. Don’t go overboard though. You don’t want it to feel like a jungle in there.

Don’t scrimp – When you’re buying the office chairs, don’t go all cheap. Obviously, you’re looking to find something cost effective, but it’s important you find something comfortable too. You employees are going to be spending a lot of time in their chairs after all.

Light – If your office works in the dead of night, a roof light won’t be too beneficial. For this, make sure you purchase plenty of low energy lights to cover the room. Sitting, straining at a computer late at night can damage eye sight, not something you want for you employees we’re sure.

If you want to turn your office around with a roof light then you can get in touch with us here at Vision Roof Lights today. With years of experience and a helpful team, we’ll transform your office in no time. 

Created on 18th June 2014
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